Paper: Insight into the transmission of ancient magical signs – Three textual artefacts from Pergamon


This paper is published in MHNH – International Journal of Research on Ancient Magic and Astrology, vol. 2015 (2017), 31-56. Abstract The paper is focused on a new discovery of a rare repetitive sequence of ancient magical signs inscribed on three stone artefacts from Pergamon. The results of a new analysis lead to a re-interpretation of the artefacts and contribute […]

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Schriftverwendung in antiker Ritualpraxis (Analyse und Katalog) – The use of writing in ancient ritual practice (Analysis and Catalogue)

Graph of ancient ritual manuals

The two monographs focus on the first-time analysis of the use of writingt („Schriftverwendung“) in ancient ritual practice. I researched especially the materiality, function and manipulation of the individual inscription elements („Beschriftungselemente“) as well as their contextualization. The analysis is based on the ancient Greek, Demotic and Coptic „magical papyri“, collections of various ritual instructions, the so-called „instruction manuals“ or […]

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Forthcoming Paper: Magical signs – An extraordinary phenomenon or just business as usual? Analysing decoration patterns of magical gems


Magical signs: An extraordinary phenomenon or just business as usual? Analysing decoration patterns of magical gems (1) Abstract The presented results are based on a statistical analysis of 1075 magical gems being dated between the 1st century BCE and the 6th century CE, deriving from various collections world wide (2). The estimated overall number of magical gems preserved today is […]

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Das „Zaubergerät“ aus Pergamon


In: Ralf Grüßinger, Volker Kästner und Andreas Scholl (Hrsg.), Pergamon – Panorama der Antiken Metropole. Begleitbuch zur Ausstellung in den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, 2012, 239-241, 542-543. Abstract: Insgesamt werden heute zehn Objekte unter der Bezeichnung „Zaubergerät aus Pergamon“ zusammengefasst. Neun davon befinden sich in der Antikensammlung Berlin und weisen einen guten bis sehr guten Erhaltungszustand auf. Ein Objekt galt […]

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Der Asteriskos als kritisches Zeichen in magischen Texten


Source: Fr. Kenyon, Greek Papyri in the British Museum, Catalogue with texts 1, 1893, Facsim. T. 57. This paper about the Asteriskos as critical sign in magical texts has been published in Acta Classica Univ. Debrecen XLVIII (2012), it can be downloaded for free here. As always: Looking forward to exchange ideas and arguments. Enjoy reading. Abstract: The asteriskos as […]

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