Day 62 – März 28, 2017

What a great day! Yesterday evening after updating the work diary I watched several Gephi tutorials, and I had another one for breakfast today. And then … I spent some very happy hours with SNA. I used the WinBASP results to create nodes and edges files for the magic signs in PGM VII, or better: for the artefacts depicting magic signs described in PGM VII (I´ll do the nodes and edges files for the magic signs tomorrow). And then ran the data with Gephi. And WOW! I always thought that our status quo theories concerning the magic signs (e.g. only very few magic signs appear more than once; it´s not worth it to collect all of the attestations of magic signs; magic signs don´t have individual meaning) demonstrate a huge lack of scientifically backed up data to support them. But when I decided to analyze PGM VII I didn´t expect to outdate the first two of those theories right away. But take a look at the (currently directed) graph yourself. Isn´t it amazing? It is so amazing. Here´s the basic data:

18 nodes (node = inscribed artefact described in PGM VII), 92 edges, Graph Density 0.301, Average Degree 10.222, Average Path Length 1.801, Network Diameter 3.

WinBASP data: 142 types (type = magic sign), 18 units (unit = node), 187 incidents.

One source has only one magic sign that does not appear in any other source. So the graph displays the 17 sources that share identical sign types.

There are 142 individual types of magic signs attested in PGM VII, and 28 of them appear in more than one unit. That´s about 20%, and that´s far away from very few. What is even more fascinating is the interrelations between these 28 signs, and how they are distributed over the units/nodes/sources. You can see for yourself in the graph below, and I´m preparing a paper about this study with more data and their interpretation. Going to spent the day tomorrow with creating the nodes and edges tables for the magic signs as nodes. I´m very curious about how similar/different the two networks will look.


Number of sources entered today: 0

Number of signs classified and entered today: 0

Total number of sources: 128
Total number of signs: 1506

März 28, 2017 @ 23:44