Day 64 – März 30, 2017

The network analysis is a great tool for the project. And since yesterday´s analysis of the „Textträger“ (hence the artefacts) generated several unexpected results, I went for an analysis of the signs today (node = sign; edge = relation between signs). This is much more preparation work of the csv-files because instead of 18 sources I now have 128 which means many more edges. I got to node 89 today, so I think by tomorrow noon I´ll get to see the interrelations of the magic signs in PGM VII for the first time. I´m pretty excited actually. Basically I would think that the pattern should more or less reflect the artefacts pattern, just in a much more complex way where clusters or sub-groups of signs reflect the artefacts. But then on the other hand, it´s a whole different „organism“ that gets to be analysed. Mmmh, still. It should reflect the same fundamental pattern. We´ll see tomorrow.

Number of sources entered today: 0

Number of signs classified and entered today: 0

Total number of sources: 128
Total number of signs: 1506

März 30, 2017 @ 20:43