Day 65 – März 31, 2017

Well. This afternoon for no reason I could reconstruct, the almost finished edges-file for the network analysis of the magic signs in PGM VII went blank. One moment it was there, I switched to win explorer to find another file, I returned to the excel sheet, and the first thing I realized was that the second tap / spread sheet was missing. Then I realized, the tab I was working in was empty. Tried to recover the data, 1.5 days of work, didn´t work, so the data´s gone for good.

All right. The good thing about is that I´ll now get a chance to find out how much more efficient the work routine is I developped this morning. It saved a lot of time compared to yesterday and I started thinking that, if I don´t find a way to automize the data entry for the magic signs SNA, with this new routine improvement I might even be able to enter the data of all estimated 10.000 signs and their edges by hand. It would still be a lot of work, but with the new routine I reduced the possibility of making mistakes based on a lack of concentration, so data entry now is more „fool proof“ and much faster. We´ll see.

All right, I guess I´ll spend part of the night with data entry (I really want to see this network). The weekend will be about the paper on the Coptic leather amulet in the British Museum. And today two books arrived. Aurelio Pérez Jiménez send me a copy of the new MHNH edition (Revista International de Investigación sobre Magia y Astrología Antigua, Vol. 15, 2015). I am very happy to see that my paper was granted such a beautiful setting. Thank you for that wonderful print publication!

The other book is the monograph I ordered, written by Cordula Brandt: Der Traktat „Vom Mysterium der Buchstaben“ (2007). It´s a Coptic book which Brandt dates to the second half of the sixth century. Curious to find out more about it. It´s also supposed to be really warm and sunny, perfect for my arc generator 🙂

Number of sources entered today: 0

Number of signs classified and entered today: 0

Total number of sources: 128
Total number of signs: 1506

März 31, 2017 @ 20:59