Day 65x – April 1, 2017

I couldn´t resist. The data loss turned out to be a good thing. With the new ideas concerning data entry efficiency the data entry for the entire PGM VII network of magic signs (node-data and edges-data) took less than half a day. I spent the rest of the day with trying different layouts and coulouring schems to make more information easier visually accessible / understandable. It´s so amazing. And since it´s two o’clock in the morning and I can see the stars the first image on the PGM VII magic signs network will have a black background with the magic signs being the colourful stars 🙂 Here it is:

PGM VII nach ZZ – Betweenness Centrality (size of nodes) and Modularity Class (colour)

And: yes! There are some new results concerning especially the relation between frequency and connectivity, between betweenness and closeness … Lots of new insights actually. I spent hours today just looking at the network, changing parameters to understand its interdependencies, it´s structure, and of course the meaning of all the data 🙂 Had a great day!

BTW: The „x“ is for „extra day“, meaning weekend or holiday. Just for me to keep track.

April 2, 2017 @ 0:31