Day 70 – April 7, 2017

Paper day again. The more time I spend working with the leather artefact and the more I look for parallels, read ancient literature, the bible, and more recent publications, the more tiny peaces I can puzzle together. But still, there are open questions which I cannot answer right now, I simply don´t know enough sncient source material. And I think I have reached a point where I wonder: Are the connections I see really plausible, or do I simply see them because I am looking for them? In other words: How likely is a link between two texts, let´s say text a and text b, and would there be a plausible link between text a and text n if looking closely enough? That would be a nice thesis, checking everyday texts like newspaper articles and their relateability (I don´t even know if this is an english word) to arbitrarily selected ancient sources and see if one can find patterns. It probably doesn´t make sense in this short outline, but it´s a reminder for me of a thought I really like to experiment with.

Number of sources entered today: 0

Number of signs classified and entered today: 0

Total number of sources: 128
Total number of signs: 1506

April 11, 2017 @ 22:25