DB: The Campbell Bonner Magical Gem Project Budapest

Magical Gem, Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Inv. no.: Hu-SzM-Ant-53.169

(c) Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

Upcoming spring/summer 2011

The original version of this upcoming web-database was developed by the Collection of Classical Antiquities in the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts. It´s official launch for full and free public access will start by the end of spring 2011.

In cooperation with the British Museum the collections of magical gems of both institutions will be integrated in the database – all together over 600 objects! Included are detailed discriptions, a bibliography as well as fotographies and/or drawings of each gem. In addition, at the beginning of 2012 there will be a special search available for the magic signs („Charakteres“) appearing on quite a number of these gems – and not only on gems at all. Charakteres were used for magical practices with different kinds of material such as papyrus, lead, bronze or gemstones. This will be the first opportunity at all to get a differentiated look at these signs, they have never been researched properly before.

A link to the database will follow as soon as it is available online.

Image source: Magical Gem, Budapest, Hu-SzM-Ant-53.169.
(c) National Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Collection of Classical Antiquities

Dezember 25, 2011 @ 13:35