Gemmes et magie – workshop at the University of Fribourg 09.2010


From september 29th – october 1st a very inspirational workshop about gemmes et magie was organised at the University of Fribourg by Prof. Véronique Dasen. I would like to name the participants with the titles of their papers here so that scholars as well as students and everyone interested in the topic has got an additional chance to find some informations about the latest research going on at the moment and the people behind it.
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Here is a Link to the program as PDF

Erika Zwierlein-Diehl, Bonn
Antike Gemmen. Einführung in die Glyptik des klassischantiken
Mittelmeerraumes von minoischer bis römischer Zeit

Árpád M. Nagy, Budapest
Magical Gems on Tour: Présentation de l’exposition de Budapest,
avec la participation de David Cottier-Angeli, Genève

La divinité anguipède alectorocéphale: comment
l’interpréter ?!

Christopher Faraone, Chicago
What’s New about Magic?
The Development of Magical Gems!

Helen Molesworth, Oxford
Love and Passion: An Introduction to Personal Cameos in

Erika Zwierlein-Diehl, Bonn
Dating Magical Gems

Christopher Faraone, Chicago
When is an Ornament an Amulet? Three Cases Studies of
Herakles as Protector in the Greek World

Despina Ignatiadou, Thessalonique
Glass gems from Macedonia

Helen Molesworth, Oxford
Love and Luck: Cameos as Amulets

Workshop: présentation de sujets de recherche de

Árpád M. Nagy, Budapest
Magie juive et judaïsante sur les gemmes magiques

Véronique Dasen, Fribourg
Magie et médecine

Kirsten Dzwiza, Mainz
The Pergamon Magician Kit and New Investigations on

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