Magical signs on gems

I´m working with the magical gems from the Budapest and the British Museum Collection again. Examined 71 so far, doesn´t sound much, but it´s lots of work to cut out every single sign of the photographies, photoshop it, make a drawing, assign it to the existing typology or give it a new codification and then include it into the catalogue. I will do the descriptions later, at the moment I focus on collecting data and gathering as many ancient sources as possible.

The actual preliminary result, concerning only those sources I´ve got photographies of, is:

71 gems
69 mentions in 30 different papyri (the London papyri not included, I don´t have any photographies of these parts yet)
9 objects from Pergamon

Overall: over 750 different Charakteres (types) with over 1000 incidences (and yes, I´ve drawn them all).

coming up:
about 130 gems
papyri from the collections of the University of Cologne
coptic papyri
hopefully curse tablets; the problem here is that from older curse tablets only drawings are preserved, many tablets themselves are lost. Drawings of Charakteres turned out to be very inaccurate, so I will mention them, but not include them in the catalogue and the analysis.

You can support the catalogue project of the magic signs. If you know about any published ancient source with magic signs/ charakteres I´d be most happy if you´d send me a note. Especially if there is a photography available.

Best wishes to your research,

Februar 16, 2011 @ 10:25