Der Asteriskos als kritisches Zeichen in magischen Texten


Source: Fr. Kenyon, Greek Papyri in the British Museum, Catalogue with texts 1, 1893, Facsim. T. 57.

This paper about the Asteriskos as critical sign in magical texts has been published in Acta Classica Univ. Debrecen XLVIII (2012), it can be downloaded for free here. As always: Looking forward to exchange ideas and arguments. Enjoy reading.

Abstract: The asteriskos as a critical sign is well-known from a number of ancient sources but research has been focused chiefly on literary papyri. I will discuss eight applications in two different magical papyri, seven of which appear in PGM VII = P.Lond. 121 (3. AD; col. XXIXf. 4. AD) and one in PGM XCIV = P.Ant. II 66 (5. AD). This brief paper seeks to provide an impulse for further investigations in this fringe area of research.

Download PDF: Kirsten Dzwiza, Der Asteriskos als kritisches Zeichen in magischen Texten, in: ACD XLVIII (2012), 149-165.

September 21, 2012 @ 14:36