To be or not to be Magic – Formal, functional and contextual changes within the application of magic signs in Coptic sources and the cultural background for these changes (4th-10th. cent.) (Oslo, 2013)

International Conference: Between Image and Text: The Early Medieval ‘Iconology’ of Graphic Representational Signs 26.09.-27.09.2013, University of Oslo, Blindern Short note about Magical Signs The term “magical signs” comprises a large group of formally diverse signs that were used in ancient ritual practice. Their application is attested all over the Roman Empire, the earliest known sources date to the late […]

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Charakteres and the Budapest Magical Gem Database

Image: Screenshot of a sketch of how a GUI for the Charakteres should look like. I had a fantastic week at Budapest and Pécs and we successfully developed a GUI (graphical user interface) and the CMS (content management system) for the additional module of the Campbell-Bonner-Magical-Gem-Project Database: The Charakteres. Yes, they will get their own GUI which will provide the […]

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The Charakteres Research Project

I´ve decided to setup a blog about my research peoject „Catalogue and statistical analysis of the Charakteres“ and document its process. Enjoy reading! The image shows my very first attempts to get an overview over the Charakteres. I´ve started with drawing the signs from every source I could find, first the papyri, followed by the curse tablets. Thanks to the […]

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Neue Erkenntnisse zu den Objekten des „Pergamon-Kits“ (Budapest, 2010)


At September 24th 2010, Prof. György Németh organised an international seminary on magical signs in antiquity at the ELTE University, Dept. of Ancient History, Budapest. Seven scholars were invited to talk about their research on charakteres. Link to the programme and the abstracts of all invited speakers Abstract Neue Erkenntnisse zu den Objekten des „Pergamon-Kits“ Die zehn Objekte aus Pergamon, […]

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The objects from the so-called Pergamon kit


I´m working on the inscriptions and charakteres on the three stones right now, and they turned out to be the most fascinating objects of the kit regarding the procedures of writing and creating charakteres. Wünsch only observed them superficially and stated that they were all inscribed in the same way. This is definetly not the case. The image shows a […]

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