Charakteres and the Budapest Magical Gem Database

Image: Screenshot of a sketch of how a GUI for the Charakteres should look like. I had a fantastic week at Budapest and Pécs and we successfully developed a GUI (graphical user interface) and the CMS (content management system) for the additional module of the Campbell-Bonner-Magical-Gem-Project Database: The Charakteres. Yes, they will get their own GUI which will provide the […]

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The Campbell Bonner Magical Gem Project

Image source: Magical Gem, Budapest, Hu-SzM-Ant-53.169. (c) 2011 National Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Collection of Classical Antiquities This is a great database project initiated by Dr. Árpád M. Nagy, director of the Classical Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest. Thanks to Prof. G. Németh and Dr. Árpád M. Nagy I was given the chance to go to […]

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