Weekly Summary: Week #2

The second week was focused on:

  • finishing the transfer of the signs from the crashed Word dokument to the new InDesign file,
  • describing sources (manuals),
  • classifying signs,
  • entering sources and signs into the databases,
  • commenting on individual signs if neccessary,
  • commenting on the instructions and inscriptions,
  • and cataloguing the signs with InDesign.

What takes up a lot of time is the commenting – on the instructions as well as on the inscriptions and the individual signs. The classifying of the signs goes pretty quick since I did this for the sources I am currently working with in my PhD. Still, there are several signs I had to re-classify, and it took me a while until I figured out a way to deal with the various difficulties coming along with classification. I am actually pretty happy with this weeks achievements. The catalogue of the sings is awesome 🙂


Januar 17, 2017 @ 23:58