Adopt an Ancient Magical Artefact

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Here is the list of the ancient magical artefacts that can be adopted! I will successively expand it in the course of the fundraiser. You can always suggest an artefact that is not on the list, just send me an email:

Adopting an artefact means you enable me to include this artefact into my work for the Sourcebook and the Catalogue. As Thank You I will include your name on each side of the Sourcebook where the artefact is described (usually three pages, see example page in the story). You can either choose from this list of artefacts or you can write to me if there is an artefact you would like to adopt which is not on the list. Or you leave it to fate and get surprised when you receive the Sourcebook 🙂

If you have any questions concerning the artefact you would like to or consider to adopt, you can send me an email or post your question on Twitter @antikemagie 🙂

Best thing to do is to send a me a short message prior to your pledge concerning your choice so that I can make a note in this list.

Magical Artefact No. 1

Enigmatic Magical Gem Inscribed with Ancient Magic Signs

Magical Artefact No. 2

Triangular Hekate Table from Pergamon

Magical Artefact No. 3

The Divination Disc from Pergamon

Magical Artefact No. 4

Gold Lamella with an Incantation against Epilepsy

Magical Artefact No. 5

Ritual Bronze Nail Inscribed With Magic Signs

Magical Artefact No. 6

A Stone Axe Artefact from Pergamon with a Magical Inscription

Magical Artefact No. 7

A Magical Amulet Against Illnesses


Magical Artefact No. 8

Chnoubis Sign and Ouroboros on a Magic Gem

Magical Artefact No. 9

Cologne Inv. 10208 – A Coptic-Greek Amulet Against Fever from the 5th-6th century


Magical Artefact No. 10

Coptic papyrus amulet with encrypted sator text and magic signs

Magical Artefact No. 11

„Solomon’s seal has rendered you impotent“ – A Bronze Amulet for Protection Against Evil and Enemies

Magical Artefact No. 12

Ostracon with encrypted text and magic signs, OENB K. O. 00645 Pap

Magical Artefact No. 13

Slice of a Stone Axe with a Magical Inscription: Pergamon Stone #3

Magical Artefact No. 14

Magical Gem depicting Chnoubis, Getty Museum, 83.AN.437.54

Magical Artefact No. 15

Inscribed Slice of a Stone Axe from Pergamon

Magical Artefact No. 16

Magic Gem Inscribed with Secret Names


Magical Artefact No. 17

Onyx intaglio with an Incantation in Greek letters


Magical Artefact No. 18

Magic Gem engraved with magic signs


Magical Artefact No. 19

A Unique Coptic Curse Tablet:


Magical Artefact No. 20

A Unique Love Spell on a piece of linnen:
Achillas the son of Helene commands a great god to bring to him Tapias the daughter of Demetria. The god is to carry out the command by means of the soul of a person who died prematurely.


Magical Artefact No. 21

A Coptic Oil Blessing


Magical Artefact No. 22

Coptic Charm for Wealth and Well-Being

Magical Artefact No. 23

Hematite intaglio with Magic Signs on one side and the Mummy of Osiris on the other


Magical Artefact No. 24

Silver Tablet inscribed with an Incantation against Pain

Here is the link to my fundraiser on kickstarter:

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