Amulet to restrain anger and to bring favor and victory in the courts

This is an ancient ritual instruction for making a magical artifact that will restrain anger against its wearer in the course of a court case, and bring him/her favor and victory. The magic book, in which the instruction has been preserved, dates to the 4th century. It is kept in the library of the University of Oslo (Norway).

Excellent amulet to restrain anger to win favor and victory in court cases; it works even against kings; there is none more powerful.

Take a silver plate and carve with bronze stylus the following drawing of the figure and the names, and wear it in your undergarment, and you will be victorious. The written names read like this:

„Iaô, Sabaôth, Adônai, Elôai, Abrasax, Ablanathanalba, Akrammachamari, pephtha phôza, phnebennouni, „Lord of the Primordial Flood,“ Lords Angel, bestow upon me, the NN, son of the NN, victory, favor, glory, happiness with all men and with all women, but especially with the NN, son of the NN, forever and ever. Perform it!“

PGM XXXVI, 35-68. Translation following the German translation by Preisendanz (1974)2, 164.



Karl Preisendanz, Papyri Graecae Magicae – Die griechischen Zauberpapyri, Bd. I, Stuttgart
19742 (überarbeitet herausgegeben von Albert Henrichs).

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