Daily Ancient Magic #16: Inside Ritual Instructions

This is how an ancient ritual instruction can look like:
  • Instructions in Demotic (top),
  • invocation in Greek (middle),
  • more Demotic (bottom).
This instruction is for „A spell to inflict catalepsy(?)“
You can see the the scribe did not keep in line with the right border. The reason for this is that Demotic was written from the right to the left, but Greek from the left to the right. So when he started to write the Greek part he started at the left border and kept in line with the Demotic right border for a few lines. But then a Greek word was too long, the same in the next line … When he finished the text of the invocation and returned to Demotic, he then started the first line in line with the end of the Greek text.
The bottom part of the text starting even further to the right was added later.

Photo: Inv. no. AMS 65, (C) Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.
Link to the papyrus: https://www.rmo.nl/collectie/collectiezoeker/collectiestuk/?object=172306