Name an Ancient Magic Sign After You!

Here is the link to my fundraiser on kickstarter:

At my current fundraiser you get the unique opportunity to name a magic sign after you or a beloved one of yours. This name will be used throughout the Sourcebook and will also be added next to the sign type in the Catalogue. Both publications will be foundational works in future research in ancient magic and your name will be connected to your personal magic sign.

I also accept pet names 🙂

It was important to me that each of the awesome signs which are available for naming occur multiple times in ancient sources. The vast majority of ancient magic signs occurs only once. The magic signs from which you can choose belong to the small group of signs which are preserved multiple times. If you want to know more details just send me an email ( or post your question on Twitter @antikemagie.

The opportunity is limited to nine magic signs.

Please understand that the sign can only be named after your first or family name or the first or family name of a beloved person of yours. Or of your pet 🙂 Due to the academic context names of, for example, deities or places, would be misleading.

These are the nine ancient magic signs you can choose from to name after you

Name a Magic Sign-Signs-Web


Here is the link to my fundraiser on kickstarter:

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