Proudly introducing my incredible supporter community

This website is dedicated to all of my supporters of my crowdfunding project.

The project was called „Catalogue & Sourcebook of Ancient Magic Signs & Sigils Making the archaeology of ancient magic and ritual practice accessible to a broad audience“. It took place between October and November 2022 and was successfully funded by the support of 153 backers. You can find out more about the project here on the project’s website on kickstarter.

You can find the updates on the project here on my blog.


My special thanks go to you:

Billy K. Parks, Jr
Classical Hermetist, Freemason, clergyman, bibliophile, and backyard farmer.

Dr. Adam Parker
Visiting Fellow at the Open University

Michael Domsalla
I am sure that the future will show how important this research is.

Erzebet Barthold
Medievalist. Managing Director of Hadean Press

Lisa Kovach
Priestess Enodia, owner of Divine Lotus Creations, devotee of Hekate

Katja Seeliger

Idlu Lili Regulus
Archaeologist & Theion Publishing author. Currently exloring the history of Lilith as well as recreating ancient historical incense blends.

Jeremiah Beaver
Video Producer/Editor, Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Brian Johnson
Editor and translator of historical magic texts

Philosopher-Geek. Tech Mage. Occult Generalist.

Daniel Harms

Lauren Mandelstam McDaniel
Jewish historian with an interest in the intersection of medicine, mysticism, and music.

Christopher Rathouz

Aidan Holmes, UK

Dr. Richard Hussey
Armchair occultist, RPG enthusiast

Dr. Silvia Alfayé
Assistant Professor on Ancient History, University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Jessica Strider

Maoko Suzuki

Sigrid van Roode
Founder and Director of Bedouin Silver, jewellery historian, archaeologist and researcher of adornment in ritual & magic, focusing on traditional North African/Soutwest Asian and archaeological jewellery

Raul Prisacariu
Amateur mathematician and lover of knowledge

Oscar Grey
Founder of Chinese Occult Association

Tianqi Yao
Master of Archaeology, University of Athens

Dr. Tamara L. Siuda

Dr. Justin Sledge
Host of the Esoterica YouTube channel

Cristofer Urlaub
Humble priest and philosopher. May or may not take part in a clerical necromantic underground.



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